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Genesis 5-295m2 5_295_Genesis.pdf

Some examples of our range of plans which may be modified. We are trying to accommodate the wide range from budget & emergency to luxury eco homes.

In these times of disaster often folks are faced with having to downsize but still need to cater for the same size family, so we have introduced some very basic plans with no wasted space. Every meter counts when you are in this position & this is when you most need an affordable Healthy, Eco  Home for the family!

Don’t worry if you do not see what you are looking for, we have many more examples and offer the Architectural design service so just lets us work with you to make your

DREAM ECO HOME become your reality!

Back Mountain View 4 or5-253m2 5_253_Mountain View.pdf 5_253_Mountain View.pdf Prague 5-333m2 5_333_Prague.pdf 5_333_Prague.pdf