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Eco Products Water Heating Options

The "te Wera"  (The Heat) Boiler system can run radiators strategically placed throughout the home or under floor, which in a Cornerstone Eco Home could be an overkill depending on location and an "energy audit" which would identify required energy needs.

The main thing is that the multi fuel boiler can supply all the requirements for potable and non potable water usage for the household, with minimal energy input.

The "te Wera"  can run on alternative fuels with the most popular being wood or diesel  with backup to electricity whether solar or directly to the grid. Can be heated to 45 deg temperature in 45 minutes & has an output from 35-45 KW making this a very good off grid option. Can also be hooked up to Solar Panels or tubes so that summertime excess energy can be utilised for water heating when the fire can be lit a little less often. The fire box is well encased in water and the glass door is well insulated so that minimal heat comes off the door for summertime burning so as not to heat the room. In summer without the space heating required, the burn time is far less than winter where the boiler is being used for space heating as well.  Winter sunshine can also boost the supply utilising the suns free source to the mix.