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Wind Power

Solar Electricity- Solar Voltaics SV

These specially designed panels make use of the sun’s energy, they allow you to power your home and thus alleviate (or reduce) your reliance on grid power for your electricity needs.

The solar power system is made up of solar panels, inverter, switchboard, meter, optional batteries and a mains grid. The sun’s light on the panels create electrical energy.

This energy is then fed in to the inverter and converted to AC energy. This AC power is then used to power your home so you can use it for all your regular electricity needs. Any additional electricity that your solar system creates and you don’t use can be fed back into the Main Grid.

Many energy providers offer “credits” or have “buy back” systems in place for the surplus energy that you send to the Main Grid.

Thermal Solar SV whereby the latent heat from the solar panels can also heat water or space heating while generating the electricity requirement for the home.


Innovative Building integrated Solar Voltaic BISV “Solaclad”©  Roof.

3 KW System hooked up to the te Wera Boiler (could also be hooked up to any hot water cylinder HWC) to solar dump due to power companies low payout.

Left - the “Solaclad”© SV roof replaces the tiles with the panels giving a far higher solar gain /m2 to the solar tiles. Collaboratively Designed by Mary Ginn for the structural components & Bryan Watson the solar components.