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Welcome To Why Eco!

Our aim is to work with the homeowners to achieve "Zero energy homes" & using the base product of the Cornerstone Building System with it’s exceptionally high R value, creating a "building envelope" (insulated walls, roof & floor)  with at least double the New Zealand Building Code, makes the goal very achievable.  

Cornerstone Eco Homes offer a range of Standard Plans as Kit homes, encouraging Solar Panels, te Wera Boilers, uPVC window & Door Joinery as a standard they wish for their homeowners to achieve, so as to offer the ongoing affordable eco home.

The eco choice takes care of water management & conservation dependent on site conditions. The aim here is to minimize the footprint treading lightly on the planet, so that we can build sustain-ably, leaving a legacy to our Mokopuna (Grandchildren)

Cornerstone Eco Homes" want to give home makers the choice, while keeping it simple with a range of standard plans so that from the time they choose the plan they can quickly ascertain the afford-ability.   

Where does the energy go?

"Space & water" heating approximately 70%

"Refrigeration , appliances, cooking & lighting " approximately 30%

Deal with the highest energy use items first!

Starting with "Insulation", featuring the "Cornerstone Building system" for the walls along with the "Cornerstone “Thermaflor"  and high insulation in the roof space, means the space heating/cooling is minimal.

Hot water is the next large user of energy so the te Wera boiler or/& solar SV, Solar tubes or BISV depending on the home makers lifestyle and choices. Solar /Boiler combination works well.

Heat to water pumps can save the amount of electrical energy for heating a standard Hot water cylinder, as well as those for space heating provided the standard of insulation is high enough to retain the heat.

Options for Energy efficient appliance choices, LED lighting choices are becoming an affordable choice.

Given that the home maker desires to make sensible choices above, then the amount of energy is so low that the possibility of off grid or grid tied electricity is now affordable & possible, so more choices between solar voltaic panels and small wind generation unit.

We have included some more basic plans in the range as it is our belief that home makers want to enjoy an affordable home based on the right foundation which will give them back their life, as their wise choices offer them the ongoing savings in energy forever.

Homes using the Cornerstone Building system and Insulated floor were unscathed by the 7.1RS Christchurch Earthquakes which started on 4th September 2010, so home owners were overwhelmed with the level of comfort knowing that the polystyrene in the structural insulated panel system was absorbing the shock and protecting the reinforced concrete post and beam structure.

We have the confidence in bringing a product to the market that encompasses the best available choices in order for the homemaker to build the home of their choice.

Sustainable affordable homes that the home owner can also choose to purchase the kit home, DYI , own builder, or a trained independent Cornerstone Builder. "CHOICE"

Link to Houses which were unscathed from the Christchurch Earthquakes. http://www.4-cornerstone.com/newsletter/14_Christchurch_4thSept2010_Earthqua ke_Surviving%20homes.pdf

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