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Click any image for a PDF download

4_132_Royden.pdf Royden 4-132m2 Pegasus 4-201m2 Timaru 4-253m2 St Andrews 4+ -249m2 4_277_Willowbank.pdf Willowbank 4-277m2 4_201_Pegasus.pdf 4_253_Timaru.pdf 4_222_Rob Roy.pdf Rob Roy 4-222m2

Just one click away..Some examples of our range of plans which may be modified.

Don’t worry if you do not see what you are looking for, we have many more examples and offer the Architectural design service so just lets us work with you to make your

DREAM ECO HOME become your reality!

4_222_Rob Roy.pdf York 4 -238m2 4_238_York.pdf 4_238_York.pdf 4_277_Willowbank.pdf 4+_249_St Andrews.pdf 4_201_Pegasus.pdf 4_284_Rolling Ridges.pdf 4_284_Rolling Ridges.pdf Rolling Ridges 4-184m2 Windsor 4-279m2 4_280_Windsor.pdf 4_280_Windsor.pdf 4+_249_St Andrews.pdf Hanmer 4-169m2 4_169_Hanmer.pdf 4_169_Hanmer.pdf

Click on any image or label for larger PDF

Click on any image or label for larger PDF

Click on any image or label for larger PDF

3+_189_Soveriegn.pdf 3+_189_Soveriegn.pdf Sovereign 3-189m2 Pegasus 4+ -243m2 4+243_Pegasus.pdf 4+243_Pegasus.pdf 4_169_Summerfields.jpg 4_198_Cromwellv2_1.jpg Cromwell 4-198.6m2 Summerfields 4-169m2