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Eco uPVC Window & Door Joinery

Window Companies are now on all the main cities in New Zealand providing uPVC Joinery which is encouraging since Europe has been making these windows for many years and here in New Zealand we have been slow to take them on as they have traditionally been more  expensive than our traditional Aluminium single grazed and double glazed options we have been accustomed to. From recent price comparisons, they are now on  a par with Thermally broken Aluminium windows.


In a typical New Zealand house more than 50% of heat loss can come from the single glazing windows. With quality UPVC double glazed windows you can cut down that heat loss down to only 10%.

The key feature in achieving such an outstanding performance is the  UPVC Joinery.With R-Value of 0.48 this will allow you to use energy more efficiently, cutting down those increasing power bills and keeping your place warm and dry.


Many New Zealand homes suffer from mould and moisture as a result of condensation. Mould is terribly unhealthy, it may damage the house internal components as a result decreasing its market value.

uPVC Windows are made from high quality German designed UPVC profile, and unlike metal it does not conduct heat or cold. There is an effective drainage system that allows water to escape easily. Combined with  insulated double glazed units the condensation can be decreased up to 5 times.


With Warm Windows you can silence the noise from the outside by 80%(compared to single glazing).

Double glazing is a powerful barrier against noise, but it only works best with UPVC profile.

The noise from busy roads and loud neighbours can be eliminated  Your home can be a comfortable and quiet place where you can enjoy the things you do.

The result is a dry, mould free and healthy home.


Home security provides a great benefit – peace of mind. To feel safe at home is very important to every family.

That is why we are putting Multi-Point Locking System in every our window and door.

INSULATION - The thermal envelope to keep energy inside longer.


The "Cornerstone Building System" with R Values at least twice the New Zealand Building Code Standards is central and sets us apart from other home companies.

With "insulation being the "key" to achieving the most energy efficient structure" which also has the benefit of performing extremely well keeping homeowners safe in the series of Earthquakes in Christchurch; 4th September 2010, 26th January 2012, 22nd February 2012, 13th June 2012 and more all significant events with thousands of aftershocks.

The Cornerstone Building System is a Structural Insulated Panel (SIP) or can be also considered an Insulated Concrete form work (ICF) As seen in the slideshow photos the panel covers a large area of wall quickly & easily, therefore lockup shell can be achieved early in the build process.

Build Slide Show

EPS polystyrene is made up of 2% matter a polymar formed on the manufacture of oil, which is also available in wood waste, even orange peel.  It is expanded with steam producing round beads of air. The system is 90% polystyrene & 10% reinforced concrete post & beam which is packaged in the polystyrene. This is a technology which can definitely make a difference to the environment in many ways.

Homes have experienced 30% saving in energy use, & maintain a comfortable ambient indoor temperature and quietness,  no matter what the external conditions are.

Cornerstone’s Ecofloor The “Thermaflor” was designed to compliment the Cornerstone Structural Insulated Panel system & in response to the Thermal bridging that occurred with the Firth rib raft floor when it entered the market.  It provided an insulated edge beam various styles to suit the application & claddings with a complete ground cover of insulation. After our Earthquakes in Christchurch the raft style floor performed so well that it became the preferred method of floors where ground conditions have been proven to require the pod style system so making the Cornerstone “Thermaflor”© the natural choice.  Where this is not required, we still accommodate with a less expensive option which is a slab with a complete layer of EPS polystyrene with the Cornerstone “Thermaflor”© designed edge beam to ensure full  insulation integrity. Also known as “Insulfor” but sounded like a competitive product name.


Ceiling insulation -

Insulation in ceiling should be a minimum R Value of 3.6 being a solid wall system, whether using EPS Polystyrene ridgid insulation  or batts. The higher the better to retain energy.

Mitten Vinyl Weatherboard

Mitten Vinyl Weatherboard below comes with an extra layer of polystyrene & is one material we find to be a sustainable product  in that it never requires painting as a traditional weatherboard, comes with a 50 year warrantee, and the systems do not allow water ingress and looks great just like traditional weatherboard without the continuous maintenance.

The traditional look without the hard work…. A very reliable cladding to keep the rain out!

See Cladding Profiles http://www.vinylcladding.co.nz

For confidence http://www.vinylcladding.co.nz/About+Vinyl+Cladding/Certifications.html